SEPS androidHey everyone, the SEPS Paranormal Podcast is back and we are ready to go!   Join Gaz Davies and myself on January 6th for the SEPS Paranormal Podcast when we will be discussing the differences  and similarities regarding the paranormal between the US and UK. We will discuss the views and attitudes of both countries and how paranormal ideas and groups are recieved.  We are back and better than ever in 2013!  Obviously we have added Gaz as a co-host and we are glad to have him.  We have also added a recent news segment where Sushi shares recent paranormal happenings and her take on it, and we have added a fun new paranormal trivia segment.  You can download the podcast via iTunes and various other podcast aggregators on January 6th, or you can visit our website at and listen to it there.  This was a fun show and I think you guys will enjoy it and maybe learn something.

We have a lot of cool topics coming up for you guys and are always looking for your input and ideas on what you’d like to hear. Please email us at with your questions, comments or ideas.  We would love to hear what you think about our new format!  Let us know if there is something you like or don’t like or anything you would like for us to try and add.

Please visit our blog at where you can keep up with what we have going on and what topics are coming up.  And you can download our next episode Sunday January 20th when our topic will be Influences of Paranormal Movies on the Field.  I’m looking forward to talking about this topic since I have a lot to say about it.  Lol.

For further information on Gaz Davies and his group P.R.O.O.F Paranormal in Swansea Wales, UK you can visit


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