What is the Devi’ls Toy Box? (I’m not referring to my brain either) How does it work?  Does it really ‘capture’ spirits?  Join me on the next SEPS Paranormal Podcast when I and 2 other investigators will be discussing the theory AND creating 2 of them for experimental purposes.  If all goes well, I should have the podcast edited tonight (03/24/2013) or by tomorrow at the latest.  It was an interesting podcast to record and we discuss how to make one, where to get the materials, the lessons we learned the hard way while making them and what we expect to see from them.  You don’t want to miss this show!

If you have any questions or comments for the show, please send them to or call (423) 463-0025 and leave us a voice message we can play on the show.  Email me and let me know if there is something you would like for us to try with the ‘Toy Box’, or if you’ve created one or had experiences with one.  We love hearing from you guys!!!


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