Warning! Please read.  If you scare or get freaked out easily, please read below.

The Temperance building investigation was a very unusual one.  It was my first time there and I had some ‘new’ ghost hunters with me.  One of them, perhaps because she was female, attracted the attention of the children that were haunting the area.  At first, both she and I heard children talking/laughing and then we both felt something run past us and I actually saw the shadow of the child as he passed.  I saw two of them actually.  One on the right side of the room and one on the left.  Right after that, the Ovilus started saying ‘get out’ get out’.  It says it several times but I put the easiest to hear on the site.  What happened next really surprised me.  The female investigator that was with us grabs her chest and hits the floor.  She was obviously in pain but it wasn’t her own.  She eventually says ‘they were shot’.  This was a very emotional experience for her so I’ve only put the relevant EVP and disembodied voices on the site.  Some of them are very difficult to make out.  If you hear something different than what I’ve put on hear, please let me know.  

If you scare or get freaked out easily then please don’t listen to the EVP with the children on them.  Listener discretion is strongly advised. 

“Dan” This is actually a disembodied voice. You hear me respond to someone saying Dan’s name. It’s hard to make out at the beginning where the sound gets louder.

Get out– On this one, we are dealing with something that happened to one of the investigators. In the background, the Ovilus is saying ‘Get out.’ It said it several times.

Second ‘Get out’ This is one of the other ‘Get outs’ that we got.  On this one, the Ovilus says it slower like they are trying to get their point across.

Killed ’emThis EVP is very hard to hear but we were asking what had happened to the children that we had heard about dying there and this is the answer we got.  It’s very hard to hear.

Child’s moanThis is one where we were asking what had happened to the children and why they were still there.

We’re stuckThis EVP is difficult to understand, but after the investigator who was apparently channeling the children that were there says ‘They’re stuck, a child says ‘We’re stuck’ right after her. If you listen after that you hear what sounds like ‘daddy?’

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