Here are some of the EVP that we have collected on investigations.  

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Winton Home Beating (Listener discretion is advised) This is the EVP I get the most requests for when I am doing lectures. The EVP was recorded at the Winston Home somewhere in Alabama by another group also named the South Eastern Paranormal Society but located in Muscle Shoals, Alabama (they are no longer around). The head of their group sent me this EVP and said that it was recorded in a completely empty, quiet room and there was no one present at the time. This recording is disturbing to some people and sounds like a slave being beaten with chains. Listener discretion is advised.

Baby Crying-This EVP was recorded at the Old South Pittsburg Hospital YEARS ago. If you listen closely you’ll hear what sounds like a baby crying. If the background you can hear some of our investigators and none of them respond to the crying.  

Moan-We recorded this EVP at a local school that was used during the Civil War as a hospital. If you listen carefully it sounds like someone moans while we are talking. It’s right after I say “Hey,” and before I ask, “is there anything here that would like to talk to us?”

‘Help’- This EVP was recorded at a local graveyard here in Chattanooga, TN. If you listen in the background it sounds like someone yelling for ‘help’ while we are talking. I tried to clean this one up some so it sounds a little mechanical.

‘Yes’- Here’s another one that was recorded at a local graveyard many years ago. This was one of our very first investigations and our recorder wasn’t the best in the world. I tried to clean the sound up some, which made it a little mechanical sounding. After I say ‘the winning lottery numbers…’ it sounds like a woman says ‘yes’. It’s very faint.

Names-We recorded this EVP at at the same graveyard as before. On this one, you hear what sounds like someone trying to say several names before they ‘fade’ off. Again, this was with our old recorder and I tried cleaning it up so it sounds a little ‘odd’.

‘Laugh’-This one is a weird one.  We were recording a podcast from the haunted room in the Read House located in downtown Chattanooga.  We got a weird EVP that sounds like someone laughing but it’s one of the weirdest I’ve ever heard.  Listen and see what you think.

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