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Paul cPaul Cagle is the co-author of Paranormal Journeys and has been published multiple times in various paranormal magazines.  He founded, and is the Administrative Coordinator for, the South Eastern Paranormal Society (SEPS) located in Chattanooga, TN. (  Paul has been invited to be a guest speaker at conventions in and around Tennessee and has talked on subjects such as ‘The Hazards of the Paranormal’ and ‘Paranormal Investigations: What NOT to do!’  Paul is the host of the SEPS Paranormal Podcast on iTunes and The Ænigma Project radio show on the Tenacity Radio Network, Monday nights at 9 PM EST. (  You can find one of Paul’s blog, Paranormal X at  Paul is available for conventions and paranormal workshops as time and money allows.  You can email him at

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